Many hosting companies specify the root domain name in the content of the MX record. When using Cloudflare's DNS, specify a subdomain such as "" in the content of the MX record and create a separate A record in Cloudflare for "" to point to the IP address of your mail server.

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Cloudflare point domain to ip

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P.P.S. Now for debugging purposes my Nginx config says: server_name; And I've left the subdomain "A" record in CloudFlare DNS as "DNS only" (gray cloud). Then in my CloudFlare DNS for (a different domain that I own), I temporarily pointed it to 157. .174.87.

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Create an account on After creating your account, you are presented with a form that asks for your domain name: The Cloudflare site presents a screen explaining that the service is scanning your current DNS records: The Select a Plan screen will ask you to choose a plan. Select the free tier. The most common usage of A records is IP address lookups: matching a domain name (like "") to an IPv4 address. This enables a user's device to connect with and load a website, without the user memorizing and typing in the actual IP address. The user's web browser automatically carries this out by sending a query to a DNS resolver.

Find your recently added domain in the "DNS" section of the Portal and click "View details" button, then click "Add A record". Leave the "Domain" field blank, enter your server's public IP address in the "IP" field and click "Add record": You can also add a CNAME record to make WWW subdomain alias for your. Select Cloudflare API token as the service type, make sure that the interface to monitor is set to WAN, enter your domain name for which you want to point to your WAN IP. For the password enter your Token API that you had copied from Cloudflare. Click Save. You should see your WAN IP being set in your Cloudflare account. You should be able to utilize the Free SSL while pointed to CloudFlare. However, since the domain is not pointed to the server (rather CloudFlare), then the domain is no longer eligible/configured for Domain Control Validation to completed successfully.

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The Cloudflare integration on hPanel allows you to manage Cloudflare's main settings directly, without the need of logging in to Cloudflare's dashboard. Plus, any changes to DNS records on hPanel will be automatically added to the domain's DNS zone in Cloudflare! Read on to find out how you can activate or deactivate Cloudflare at Hostinger. That is, internally the DNS client does resolve to the external address, however, when the client software attempts to contact the external IP address the firewall does its magic and redirects them to the internal address. It beats the administrative burden of maintaining an internal phantom copy of your external DNS space. Spice (6) flag Report. Once your domain is on Cloudflare, get the Global API Key or API Token available in the profile section of your account. ... (Optional) Add a DNS A record with name to point to your server's IP. This is required only if you intend to host an app on the naked/bare domain ( on the Cloudron.

. 1. Go to Rules > Page Rules and create a new Page Rule. 2. Specify the URL to match. 3. In Pick a Setting, select Host Header Override. Then, enter the override value. 4. Click.

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