The GA2688-1 is the giant in the Highlead range of compound feed, cylinder arm, heavy duty machines (bottom feed, needle feed and walking foot feed) Its powerful and steady feeding action enables you to sew multiple ply of heavy weight material with a true and even stitch. A stitch length of up to 11mm is possible and the machine has a reverse ....

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Hold the extension table at the height desired (flush with the throat of the sewing machine), and measure from the top of a table to the bottom of the extension table to get the height of the feet you will need for the base. We recommend adding 4 feet to support the base. We opted to add clear rubber bumpers at the bottom so that the extension.

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Cylinder Arm Sewing Machine Buying Guide. Comparing the Techsew 2600, 2750 and 4800 Industrial Sewing Machines. Cylinder arm sewing machines are great for sewing into hard to reach areas, corners, gussets or sewing cylindrical products such as leather bags. The open sewing area around the cylinder arm makes it easy to turn and maneuver the product being sewn without having to fold or roll the product. The LS-1341 offers a consistent stitching pitch and outstanding ability to sew sharp curves. This makes the machine ideal for the sewing of tubular articles. Sewing capabilities and feed performance that respond to a broad range of uses in the sewing of heavy materials. With its larger needle bar stroke, larger lift of the presser foot, and.

All Cylinder bed; OVERLOCK SEWING MACHINE; OVERLOCK SEWING MACHINE. All OVERLOCK SEWING MACHINE; INTERLOCK SEWING MAHINE; INTERLOCK SEWING MAHINE. All INTERLOCK SEWING MAHINE; ... Product name:High-speed 3-needle Feed Off the Arm Sewing Machine; Needle:TV*5; Applicable Industries:Manufacturing Plant; Applicable Industries:Home Use;. artisan® Sewing Supplies 1217 Montgomery Avenue San Bruno, CA 94066 U.S.A. Toll Free: (888) 838-1408 International Tel: +1-323-838-1408 E-Mail: [email protected]

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SunStar KM 857. Single Needle Post Bed Needle Feed Lockstitch Machine. For use with Medium to Heavy Materials. Features: · Large Hook Capacity. · Automatic (Pump) Lubrication. · Available with Automatic Thread Trimmer. All industrial sewing machines come standard with table. and heavy duty motor.

CB1541s. Bed Length: 10.4". Post Bed. CB-8810. CB-810. Cowboy industrial and leather sewing machines are built as tough as tanks and are capable of sewing leather, cloth, webbing, bioplastic and other materials. Cowboy machines are available in flat bed, post bed, and cylinder arm models, covering all types of industrial sewing operations.

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